MyKindPen.com is an MJVP, Inc. brand

MJVP is a national leader in the development & distribution of award-winning cannabis lifestyle products.

Our Mission

We build cannabis lifestyle brands to enhance consumer experiences. 

Our job is to unify science, safety, and vision with our design and marketing to create innovative products and well known trustworthy cannabis brands.

Extraordinary Experiences

We imagine a world with true cannabis freedom; accessible, accepted, safe, and free from economic, political, and social judgment with commonsense local, state, and federal laws. We bring enthusiasm, energy, and kindness to cannabis by creating extraordinary positive experiences for consumers through our portfolio of trustworthy lifestyle brands.

Together, let’s change the conversation and play a prominent role in destigmatizing and redefining the modern cannabis industry through positive lifestyles of responsible consumers.

Our Core Values

We are all about the cannabis consumer. 

Everything we do is to benefit cannabis consumers, our customers, through the modern cannabis industry in four high-value categories; “non-plant touching” ancillary cannabis, CBD, lifestyle, and accessories.

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